Friday, August 17, 2007

e-Learning: Emerging Trends and Issues

Michael Coghlan spoke to us about the emerging trends and issues in e-learning on Tuesday, 14 August. For me, Michael's image below says it all where he has used Stuckey and Arkell's (2005) diagram of how a balanced approach between a culture of compliance and an enabling culture is required in VET, overlaid by the nemesis of many VET practitioners, the dreaded firewall, and overlaid again by Siemens diagram of Networked Learning. It's all rather messy at the moment. It works for some and overwhelms others. Some VET practitioners are passionate and immersed in e-Learning and social software and are making it work with their students (see the Frameworks Learning with Social Software research case studies); others are frustrated with innovators whitering under the pressure.

So, as Managers, what needs to change? How can it be less messy? What is your role as leaders and managers?

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